Vision to the People: Luna Returns to Uganda

Luna’s Vision to the People initiative returned with the Bilu Uganda team to deliver glasses to children in Kiboga, Uganda. Read on to learn more about our initiative to bring accessible vision care to communities in need.

Following our previous visit to Kiboga, Uganda, last spring, the Bilu Uganda team returned later in the summer to deliver glasses to the children who were identified as needing them. Read on to learn more about our initiative to bring accessible vision care to communities in need. 

On July 11, 2022, Dr. Shay Pintov, Head of Bilu Uganda, visited the Kiboga District Administration School to distribute glasses.  

In the spring, Bilu Uganda took Luna’s mobile visual acuity and refraction exam technologies to Kiboga, where our Vision to the People team conducted vision exams while also training a dedicated local team to continue supporting the project. Dr. Pintov and Anat Cohen led a local team with support from the Luna Chief Optometry Officer Ofer Ancri, our senior optometrist Hani Tsruya, and project manager Ido Goldberg. 

Working together, the team tested the visual acuity of more than 1,100 children in one week, providing prescriptions and ordering eyeglasses for those in need of vision correction.  

It was an exciting day for the kids and the other attendees when the team returned in July to distribute the glasses. Many of these children had never had their vision tested before. 

Ongoing support

Bilu Uganda will use Luna’s myRx Acuity Check technology to scale adult screening for vision problems across the Kiboga region. These screenings will be provided by a local team trained by Luna’s Vision to the People clinical team, using mobile phones Luna donated to the project. 

At Luna, our mission is to make quality, affordable vision care accessible to all. Our digitized optical tools and solutions make it possible to bring vision care into areas where heavy, bulky equipment can’t go easily. We know that providing access to the vision correction so many need can make a difference in people’s lives. 

About Luna’s Vision to the People

Luna’s Vision to the People Foundation is a humanitarian arm of our business that initiates projects for populations who can benefit from full vision care services. We collaborate with NGOs, volunteer together as a team, and contribute directly to the people they work with. We seek ways to make our services available beyond the commercial business space and to make a difference in the world. 

Specifically, we take our suite of digital vision solutions to communities needing access to vision care. Our tools make it possible to conduct visual acuity and refraction exams using smartphones and other mobile devices. Using a few simple tools with easy instructions, users receive an ECP-approved, accurate prescription—sometimes the first one they have ever had. Then, we work on getting them the eyeglasses they need. 

As part of these projects, we also train local teams to use our online tools so that they can provide ongoing vision care services to their communities. 


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