myRx PD Reader

One little number that drives big results.

Unlock online sales, reduce returns, and improve product quality by removing one of the most common prescription barriers in your online shopping flow.  


Ensure accuracy

Deliver precise PD results up to ±1mm for 95% of scans and ±2mm for 100% of scans. 


Drive conversion

Lower cart abandonment with essential information to buy prescription eyewear.


Increase profitability

Reduce returns while building confidence in your product and brand.


Get started right away

Experience immediate business impact with speedy implementation.

Trusted by leading brands in eyewear eCommerce

Get reliable and accurate results for every customer, every time.

myRx PD Reader provides a unique and accurate PD for each customer instead of using a default value or a gender-averaged PD. Plus, our technology offers greater precision and repeatability than a standard PD meter.

Unblock shopping and checkout flows with a seamless user experience.

Enable customers to get an accurate PD with minimal disruption. It’s easy to incorporate myRx PD Reader into your shopping, checkout, or post-purchase flow.

Reduce returns and remakes while boosting customer confidence. 

Wearing glasses with an inaccurate PD can cause blurry vision, headaches, and eye strain. Help ensure customers are happy with their purchase to minimize calls and complaints to your customer support team.

Get started quickly with a simple implementation.

Integrating myRx PD Reader into your website is fast and intuitive. You can place the tool anywhere in your eCommerce flow and customize select user interface components to match your brand.

“The online PD meter solves a major pain point for customers when buying glasses online. This tool makes it easy & quick for our customers to find their PD and complete their order.”

Sheri Kruzel

eCommerce Product Lead at Ace & Tate

A powerful PD solution designed for today’s enterprise needs

Wide PD range 

We support a PD range of 44-80 mm, covering more than 95% of adults.

Precise and repeatable results

Get accurate and consistent results up to ±1mm for 95% of scans, and 100% of scans within ±2mm.

Seamless experience

Using HTML5-based technology, myRx PD Reader launches directly from your website and works across mobile and desktop browsers. 

Safe and compliant

myRx PD Reader is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device in the EU (CE), United Kingdom and Ireland (MHRA), Canada (HC), and Australia (TGA). 

Data privacy and protection assured

GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001-certified to ensure data privacy and security. 

Available in 25+ languages

We support multiple languages to tailor myRx PD Reader to your audience.

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Frequently asked questions

PD stands for pupillary distance, which is the distance between the center of each pupil. Having 
an accurate PD for prescription eyewear is important to see clearly. An inaccurate PD can result 
in symptoms such as blurry vision, dizziness, nausea, or headaches.

myRx PD Reader has been tested and proven accurate and consistent up to ±1mm for 95% of
scans, and 100% of scans within ±2mm. The medical threshold for PD accuracy is ±2.5mm.

People who use myRx PD Reader get immediate binocular PD results, which is the distance from
pupil to pupil. Monocular results with myRx PD Reader is currently in development.

Results for myRx PD Reader are immediate and don’t require external validation.

myRx PD Reader is FDA-listed in the United States as a non-medical device and registered as a 
Class 1 Medical Device in the EU (CE), United Kingdom and Ireland (MHRA), Canada (Health 
Canada), and Australia (TGA). 

Integrating myRx PD Reader into your website is simple and fast using a JavaScript tag.
Integration may take longer if you wish to customize product elements such as UI components.

myRx PD Reader is available as a native iOS or Android app experience.

For desktop web, myRx PD Reader supports the latest two versions of Google Chrome, Safari, 
Firefox, and Edge. On iOS devices, it supports the last two versions of Safari. On Android 
devices, it supports the last two versions of Google Chrome.

myRx PD Reader supports the following languages:
∙English (EN-US | EN-UK)
∙French (FR)
∙Italian (IT)
∙Spanish (ES)
∙German (DE)
∙Dutch (NL)
∙Polish (PL)
∙Hungarian (HU)
∙Romanian (RO)
∙Czech (CZ)
∙Slovak (SK)
∙Finish (FI)
∙Swedish (SE)
∙Norwegian (NO)
∙Brazilian Portuguese (PT)
∙Russian (RU)
∙Traditional Chinese (HK): written traditional Chinese oral Cantonese
∙Traditional Chinese (TW): written traditional Chinese oral Mandarin
∙Mexican Spanish

Luna takes great care in implementing and maintaining the security and privacy of customer data
across our products. All Luna products are GDPR compliant. myRx PD Reader has an ISO 27001
certificate for IT and cloud privacy protection. Contact us to learn more.

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