Three effective marketing strategies for eyewear eCommerce 

Whether you're a startup eCommerce business or a large enterprise retailer, these three marketing tactics will break through the noise and drive new, qualified customers to your site.

We all want to increase our online conversion rates. But, in a landscape inundated with digital noise, reaching that goal can be a challenge. 

Whether you’re a startup eCommerce business or a large enterprise retailer trying to optimize your cost of customer acquisition, it’s important to come up with marketing strategies and content that will break through the noise and drive new, qualified customers to your site. 

Let’s dive into three clever and effective marketing strategies that can help you thrive in an ultra-competitive digital landscape. 

User-generated content 

Many brands have discovered user-generated content (UGC) as a technique to engage consumers, enhancing the brand experience. 

UCG refers to any form of content, such as reviews, images, videos, and social media posts, created by customers rather than the brand itself. This content serves as a powerful tool to connect with your audience, build authenticity, and create a sense of community. UGC can humanize your brand, fostering trust and relatability among customers. 

The benefits of UGC for eyewear brand marketing: 

  1. Authenticity and trustworthiness: UGC provides authentic insights into how customers perceive and use eyewear products. Potential buyers often trust the opinions and experiences of fellow consumers more than traditional advertising. 
  1. Engagement and interaction: Encouraging customers to share their own experiences fosters a sense of engagement. It empowers them to be part of your brand’s narrative, leading to stronger customer loyalty. 
  1. Diverse perspectives: UGC showcases a diverse range of perspectives and styles. This diversity resonates with a broader audience, making your brand more inclusive and relatable. 
  1. Cost-effective marketing: Leveraging content created by customers reduces the need for elaborate, resource-intensive marketing campaigns. It’s a cost-effective way to create compelling content. 

UGC in action 

Consider using UGC in two key ways:: 

  • Testimonials: By encouraging customers to share their experiences through written and video testimonials, you can showcase real-life examples of how your eyewear products and services enhance the lives of customers. These stories will resonate with potential customers on a personal level, prompting them to make informed purchasing decisions. 
  • Social media engagement: Harness the power of social media platforms by creating branded hashtags and encouraging your customers to share photos of themselves wearing your brand’s products. This will not only provide valuable content but also encourage a sense of community among customers. 

Incorporating UGC into marketing strategies is a dynamic approach for eyewear brands seeking to forge stronger connections with customers. By spotlighting the genuine experiences and perspectives, you can build trust, foster engagement, and elevate your brand image. The world of retail marketing is rapidly evolving, but the role of UGC remains a pivotal tactic in the arsenal of eyewear brands striving to stand out in a competitive market. 

Dedicated landing pages 

In digital marketing, a dedicated landing page (DLP) is where online users land after they click a link in an email or engage with online ads and Google searches. It covers the topic they were searching for and works to draw them in and engage more with your site.  

Once created, DLPs should be maintained and optimized frequently to increase traffic and convert new customers, helping to stretch your money and time further. 

A good DLP always targets a specific audience and a specific action. Unlike a typical site with home and product pages—which have many links that encourage clicks throughout the site—landing pages are designed with one clear goal in mind, also known as a call to action (CTA). CTAs direct the right audience to perform an action. Actions can range from scheduling an appointment and exploring virtual shopping tools to making an online purchase. 

It’s not unusual for retailers, brands, and eye care professionals (ECPs) to have dozens if not hundreds of DLPs. Most eCommerce platforms and content management systems have the option to build custom landing pages rather easily—so make sure to take advantage of that capability with a template approach. 

Shopping support tools 

One clear goal for eyewear brands is creating DLPs to introduce powerful and effective shopping tools to attract potential customers.  

For example, you can drive new traffic to a landing page featuring virtual try-on or pupillary distance (PD) tools by utilizing the right Google keywords to capture online users searching for terms like “frames based on face shape” or “find my pupillary distance.” Then you have the option for customers to explore and virtually try on frames for purchase or find their PD parameters, for example. 

We recommend DLPs for any shopping support tools that solve common problems along the journey and could potentially attract and convert new customers to your brand. 

Shopping support tools specific to the eyewear industry: 

  1. Virtual Try-On 
  2. Online vision tests and prescription renewal platforms 
  3. Vision prescription extraction and PD tools 

Lifestyle content 

When optimizing your DLPs for more traffic, another strategy is to capture potential customers searching for specific lifestyle or usage content that aligns with your brand. 

For example, users searching for “surfing glasses” expect to find results that are quite different from users searching for “luxury designer prescription glasses” or “sustainable eyewear brands.” 

Building DLPs that align with the lifestyle or usage your brand offers, along with providing the appropriate Google search terms to attract those unique users, will get you higher up on the Google search results page. They will also send more reliable traffic to your landing pages.  

For example, you want to build a landing page for “sustainable eyewear” or “trendy affordable sunglasses” instead of a generic “eyewear” landing page that might attract more people but result in fewer conversions. Such generic search terms will also be challenging to use as you compete with more prominent brands that appear at the top of search results. 

Beyond the basics of search, lifestyle content can also help your brand boost its credibility, build deeper trust, and form emotional connections with shoppers. The pervasive use of athletes, celebrities, and influencers in marketing is a testament to the power of lifestyle content. 

Personalized customer experiences 

Lastly, let’s explore how to enhance the brand experience for your existing and returning customers. Many businesses find untapped personalization potential within their current customer base.  

With the advancement of online marketing tools, personalized customer experiences can be integrated into various aspects of marketing to enhance engagement, build relationships, and drive more conversions. Maximizing this potential involves building a robust customer database fortified by the necessary consent for personalized content and follow-up communications. 

Here are some examples where you can implement personalized customer experiences:  

  • Email marketing: Tailor email campaigns based on customer preferences, purchase, prescription history, and browsing behavior. Use personalized subject lines, content, and product recommendations to make emails more relevant and appealing to individual recipients. 
  • Website content: Implement a dynamic range on your website with online shopping tools that change based on a user’s past interactions. Display personalized shopping tool results and product recommendations, tailored landing pages, and custom greetings to create a unique browsing experience. 
  • Social media campaigns: Customize your social content to resonate with different customer segments. Use targeted ads to reach specific demographics and deliver messages that align with user lifestyles. 
  • Loyalty programs: Offer personalized rewards and discounts to loyal customers based on their purchase history and engagement with your brand. 
  • Retargeting ads: Use these to remind customers about products they viewed but didn’t purchase or results from your online shopping tools. Show them ads featuring those specific items to rekindle their interest. 
  • Interactive content with online shopping tools: Develop interactive content with acuity tests, virtual try-on, and PD tools that provide personalized recommendations based on user results. These interactions engage users while delivering relevant information. 
  • Post-purchase follow-ups: Send personalized thank-you emails, order updates, and post-purchase recommendations to enhance the customer’s journey after they’ve made a purchase. 
  • Surveys and feedback: Collect customer feedback through surveys and use the insights to improve their experience and tailor your offerings. 

By incorporating personalized customer eyewear experiences into these various facets of your marketing strategy, you can foster stronger connections with your audience, drive higher engagement, and ultimately cultivate brand loyalty. 

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Whether you’re just starting your eCommerce business or a large enterprise trying to optimize the cost of your customer acquisition, it’s essential to develop marketing strategies and content that break through the noise and drive new, qualified customers to your site.  

Consider how to implement eyewear-specific shopping tools into your user-generated content, customized landing pages, and improved personalization this year so you can attract new customers and optimize traffic and conversion. 

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