Four ways to build awareness for your online lens scanner

You’ve taken the initiative to offer an online lens scanner to help customers easily extract prescription details from their glasses. But, are you taking steps to cultivate awareness and drive engagement with the tool?

The challenge of finding eyeglass prescription details

85% of eyewear shoppers are happy with their current prescription, but many don’t have access to their prescription details when they’re ready to buy a new pair of glasses online. 

Customers that encounter prescription uncertainty not only experience friction in their eyewear shopping journey, but the likelihood of them actually purchasing glasses online also decreases.  

Online eyewear retailers can address this problem by offering an online lens scanner that enables customers to quickly extract their prescription parameters from their current glasses at home. 

Keep reading to learn how retailers can drive usage of their online lens scanner and, by default, unblock online shopping and increase conversion.  

Four ways to build awareness and drive usage of your online lens scanner 

Place CTAs where the tool is most likely to be needed. 

When shopping online, customers will likely follow the path of least resistance to find and buy what they need. We recommend placing a call-to-action (CTA) for your lens scanner in any part of the shopping/checkout flow where customers are required to enter prescription information.  

However, simply adding a CTA button won’t necessarily drive usage. Test different variations of placement, color, and copy to ensure that customers can quickly see the prompt and understand its purpose. Additionally, make it easy for customers to learn more about the tool itself by providing additional links to more information (see the next section).  

Craft a dedicated landing page.  

A dedicated landing page on your website can offer important details about your lens scanner and its benefits. It can also drive traffic from organic search to your website. Ensure the landing page includes information on accuracy and how it works, customer testimonials, and clear CTAs to try the tool.  

Additionally, you can instill confidence and build trust by being transparent about how any personal information might be gathered in the process of using the tool. 

Show lens scanner in action with a video. 

Shoppers may need more than a dedicated landing page to learn how to use the lens scanner correctly. Thoughtful instructions are critical. For example, adding a short video tutorial that walks them through the process of using the tool can encourage completion of the intended flow—and enable them to complete their purchase. 

Create shareable content about the lens scanner.  

If you have the time and resources, consider creating shareable content like blogs and social posts discussing the lens scanner and the value it can provide. This will give you opportunities to promote the tool while contributing to discoverability through organic search.  

Taking the next steps with Luna 

Building awareness on the lens scanner tool is the first step toward developing trust among your customers. 

The next step is to connect with one of our vision experts to learn how Luna’s myRx Lens Scanner can unblock the online shopping experience and translate into more sales for your business.  

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