myRx Refraction Exam

Provide new vision prescriptions online. Yes, really.

The world’s first online refraction vision exam enables customers to get a new ECP-approved prescription using only their phone.

myRx Refraction Exam

Skip the doctor's office.

No need for scheduling, driving, parking, or waiting rooms required.

No dilation or puffs of air.

All your patients need is our app on a mobile phone and 10 feet of space.

ECP-approved prescriptions.

Your ECPs will have access to the results and determine whether or not to write a new prescription.

Eye Care Professional

Clinically-tested and CE-approved.

myRx Refraction Exam is clinically-tested and CE-approved to provide accurate refraction results. Review of the results by a doctor or ECP — yours or ours — allows for the issue of a new glasses prescription.

A first-of-its-kind experience poised to change vision as we know it.

Be the first retailer in your geography to unveil this groundbreaking technology. Use this to attract new customers and highlight innovation as a key part of your brand. Currently available in the EU, UK, & Australia.

"Buying glasses online is becoming the norm — but growth will explode once eye exams also go digital."

Frequently asked questions.

The myRx Refraction Exam native app is available in the App Store here under the name “GoEyes” by 6over6 Vision LTD.

It is a CE-approved medical device, currently registered and available in the EU, UK, & Australia.

To be eligible to use myRx Refraction Exam, patients must:

  • Be between the ages of 18-39
  • Have been prescribed glasses before
  • Not need progressive/bi-focal/multi-focal lenses
  • Not be color blind
  • Not have a very high myopia
  • Have a healthy medical history

Patients need to have had at least one in-person visit with an ECP to make sure they were screened for eye health issues, as that is not part of the myRx Refraction Exam.

Device requirements include iPhone XS or later & iOS 13 and later. An Android version is in development.

myRx Refraction Exam is a CE-approved medical device, registered in the EU, UK, & Australia.

It is also pending FDA approval currently as a DeNovo Class II medical device. It is not yet authorized for sale or use within the U.S.

The content and functionalities supplied through the myRx Refraction Exam are not a replacement for an in-person comprehensive eye health exam. Users should always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions they may have regarding health, medical conditions, drugs, or medications, and before commencing or discontinuing any course of treatment, drug, or medication. Users should not disregard, avoid, or delay in obtaining medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional because of any information received or obtained from the myRx Refraction Exam.

myRx Refraction Exam provides results for a doctor to review, approve, and issue a glasses prescription.

Clients can choose to use their own doctors or utilize Luna’s Doctor Network.

The expected accuracy of the myRx Refraction Exam is similar to that of a traditional subjective refraction.

myRx Refraction Exam currently supports users within the following range:

Sphere power: -1.00 D to -5.00 D
Cylinder power: up to -2.00 D
Total power (sphere + cylinder): up to -6.00 D

myRx Refraction Exam (formerly known as GoEyes) will automatically screen out users with measurements outside of the testable range.

For subjects within the supported range expected accuracy will be within:

Sphere: ±0.50 D
Cylinder: ±0.50 D
Axis: ±15° only for Cylinders -0.75 and higher


myRx Online
Refraction Exam 

Other Solutions 

Function Full subjective refraction Rx renewal / visual acuity 
Results Full authorized prescription Renewed prescription or visual acuity 
Method Direct Indirect 
Measurements Sphere, Cylinder, Axis Sphere Equivalent  
Accuracy ±0.5D (97.4% confidence level) ±1.25D* (95% confidence level)  
Range -1D → -5D 0 → -3D 

Approved as CE 1M  

Pending FDA Class 2 certification 

CE class 1 or FDA Covid19 EUA 

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