A Unified Vision

Our story begins with a shared frustration with the status quo in the vision category: the process to buy eyewear and contacts is expensive and frustrating and the technology commonly used to figure out your prescription – the phoropter – hasn’t changed in over 100 years!

The problem

Retailers and doctors want to create a more seamless omnichannel experience for their patients but have struggled to execute a digital transformation and effectively sell glasses online (which can help drive down the cost) because:

  • Getting a new or renewed prescription has required a patient to come into the store which creates delays in the process
  • Glasses are notoriously hard to buy online confidently given the importance of fit
  • Pupillary distance and fitting heights are needed to buy online but customers don’t know these measurements
  • The supply chain wasn’t set up to support both eCommerce and stores
  • Every technology solution was separate and offered by different vendors which made retailers do a lot of heavy lifting to find the right partners and integrate the solutions on their own.


In short, there has been lots of friction in the customer experience which has historically led to low online penetration and a retail experience that hasn’t changed in decades. This is why glasses have remained an expensive and frustrating purchase for customers and why the 2.5 billion people who need glasses still don’t have them.

The unified solution

Ditto, 6over6, Premium Vision and ExpressExam all set out to tackle these problems from different angles.


Kate Doerksen cofounded Ditto to create the world’s first virtual try-on technology that showed how the glasses fit, enabling glasses to be more easily sold online.


Dr. Ofer Limon and Dr. Alex Zlotnic founded 6over6 to develop a set of groundbreaking solutions that allows customers to obtain a new prescription using only a smartphone.


Premium Vision was founded as a sister company to 1-800 Contacts, offering their dynamic supply chain capabilities to partners in North America and helping them support both stores and eCommerce sites seamlessly.


Kellen Fowler spearheaded an initiative within 1-800-Contacts to launch ExpressExam, a telehealth platform that makes it easy for customers to renew their prescription online.


We officially joined forces. Along the way, our four groups realized they were on parallel paths, aligned in vision and values and complementary in focus. Driven by a belief that together we would be better able to help our clients and, in doing so, have a far greater impact on the vision care industry and the world than any of us could individually.

2022 - Present day

We established our new joined force under a new brand — Luna. It means moon in Latin and speaks to our moonshot of quality, affordable, accessible vision for all.