myRx Acuity Check

Drive more appointments!

Empower your customers to test their vision to determine if they need to come in for an appointment or confirm their visual acuity is normal to increase confidence to buy online.

Simple, quick, and intuitive.​

Customers use only a web camera or mobile phone to complete a visual acuity test to learn if they need a new prescription.​

Instant results.

Results are available immediately, allowing you to drive more appointments to your store or practice.

Normal results can provide confidence to buy online.

Builds confidence.

Customers who successfully complete the visual acuity feel empowered to purchase with confidence.

How it Works

Let your patients and customers conduct an acuity test from home.

Watch the video to see a demonstration, or click below to try myRx Acuity Check for yourself.

Frequently asked questions.

In the United States, myRx Acuity Check is an FDA Listed Class 1 medical device.

myRx Acuity Check is currently under review for CE Listing as a Class 1 medical device in the EU.

Using a mobile web browser, users are guided to stand ten feet away from their mobile phone, and follow the audio prompts through the visual acuity flow, which includes both monocular and binocular visual acuity checks. Users then give vocal responses via their phone’s microphone.

Pass/fail results are shown immediately to the user, and relevant calls to action (like shop online or schedule an appointment) are displayed. Call to action links are customizable by client.

myRx Acuity Check is accurate within 1 line (5 letters) from standard ETDRS.

The content and functionalities supplied through myRx Acuity Check are not a replacement for an in-person comprehensive eye health exam. Users should always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions they may have regarding health, medical conditions, drugs, or medications, and before commencing or discontinuing any course of treatment, drug, or medication. Users should not disregard, avoid, or delay in obtaining medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional because of any information received or obtained from myRx Acuity Check.

No, myRx Acuity Check is a web-based experience. No app downloaded needed!

It is currently supported on the following mobile browsers:

  • 2 most major releases of Chrome for Androids
  • 2 most major releases of Safari for iOS

Since myRx Acuity Check is a web-based experience hosted by 6over6 (and distributed by Luna), implementation for clients is as simple as setting up a client profile (language, brand logo, brand color, button color, and redirect URLs for “pass” and “fail” results) and choosing how to direct users to the Acuity Check experience.

myRx Acuity Check does request control of screen brightness, and the contrast between background color and font color is engineered to create the exact contrast needed for accurate scanning.

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