Three tips for using a lens scanner in your online eyewear shop

Using an online lensometer to empower your customers can help you drive conversion and build your brand perception with customers.

An online lens scanner, or lensometer, drives conversion.

While most consumers (85%) are happy with their current prescription, only 50% actually have their prescription details when they are ready to buy new eyewear online. And when it comes to buying prescription glasses online, 47% of consumers don’t carry their prescription details on them. They show up ready to buy — but don’t have everything they need to checkout.  

Eyewear retailers can start benefiting from the unmatched lensometer technology today. By simply mentioning the availability of such an app, the acquisition cost of new customers is reduced by 40%. The simplicity and convenience of the app experience is shown to encourage more sales, with 30% of users buying glasses more than once over a three-month period.  

Consumers are hesitant to seek online eyewear if they do not have a prescription. Market education on the availability of online tools to retrieve their prescription will open the door to a whole new segment of customers. 

Better experiences lead to better brand perception.

We live in an era of abundant choice. Consumers have a mind-boggling array of products and services available without leaving home, and with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

To succeed in such a competitive marketplace, forward-thinking retailers must provide an excellent customer experience. There are many components that make up a great customer experience, but the two at the top of our list are convenience and efficiency.  

By integrating a fast, accurate, digital lensometer as part of your online shopping flow, customers will enjoy a better experience; this is critical to building positive brand perception. 

Add an online lens scanner to your retail experience.

Here are three suggestions for how to promote your online lens scanner and build awareness of the forward-thinking character of your retail store: 

  1. Create a dedicated landing page. Inform your customers about the benefits of using an online lensometer, like getting their existing prescription details without leaving home or making a phone call to their eye doctor’s office!  
  1. Include a download link. Make it so easy for your customers to find the right app by providing links to all the places they can find it for their device.  
  1. Go the extra mile with video! Produce a short video that shows customers how it works and how easy it is.  

Online shopping has made it possible for people to get what they want, exactly when they want, from anywhere they are. They can download entire books in seconds, purchase clothing from any shop in the world, and even buy prescription eyewear from their phone. 

Why can’t it be just as easy to get their prescription details? With the Luna myRx Lens Scanner, it is! 


Forward-looking eyewear retailers choose Luna

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