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Eyewear retailers need savvy frame fit solutions like Luna’s virtual try-on and frame recommendations to create personalized experiences for online customers.

Make things personal. 

Style exploration is a key issue for online shoppers, and eyewear retailers need savvy solutions for offering eyeglasses that look great and fit perfectly. Luna’s smart technologies help connect any customer’s facial Virtual Try-On scan or image data with the frames in your catalog, opening the door to more personalized experiences in your online shop.

Finding the right frame fit online is a challenge.

Most eyewear customers learned how to shop for glasses at their optometrist or in an optical shop, which means that most customers come into an online shopping experience looking for a way to approximate the in-person experience of trying on frames to see if they look good and fit well.

For online eyewear retailers, delivering a variety of stylish frames is as easy, if not easier, than a brick-and-mortar shop. However, helping customers see if a frame fits their face requires more than static product photography. To feel confident, customers need a realistic sense of the height, width, shape, size, and color of the frames they’re buying.

Many online retailers offer free at-home try-on programs to help customers check fit in person, but this solution takes time and a fair amount of overhead cost. In addition, after an at-home try-on, there’s not much a retailer can do to bring a potential customer back into the buying journey if they’re not convinced by the frames they get in the mail.

The ideal — for both customers and retailers — is a solution that allows customers to get a true sense of the frame fit from the comfort of their home, while they’re in their online shopping journey.

Personalize the experience with frame insights. 

Luna’s frame discovery solutions provide customers with style and sizing information that builds their confidence. With a Virtual Try-On scan or a single, front-facing image, our solutions can generate frame and face information that matches a customer to the frames in your catalog that will fit their face shape, temple width, and bridge width.

How does it work? 

Using a device with a self-facing or web camera (like a smartphone or laptop), your customer follows simple, easy directions. It only takes about ten seconds to complete a Virtual Try-On or Frame Recommendations scan, and the customer gets their results immediately.

The facial data collected can then be utilized to design a much more personalized customer journey. You could present a category page filtered by size, frame styles that match a customer’s face shape, or a landing page with personalized frame and style suggestions. To learn more about our marketing API, contact us.

Learn the benefits of empowered shoppers. 

Drive conversion  

The longer your customer has to spend searching for the right style and fit, the more likely they are to quit shopping or try a competitor. Realistic product tools that offer personal insights can engage customers more quickly, helping them find just what they’re looking for, not to mention increasing conversion. 

Decrease return rates 

Among all online eyewear retailers, one of the most common reasons for returns is a problem with fit. When you help your customers identify their accurate frame size, you increase the chance their glasses will fit well and feel right when they are delivered. 

Boost customer confidence

Customers gain confidence when they feel like products are tailored to their exact needs and size. With personalized experiences, you increase customer satisfaction and delight when their order arrives and their frame fits! Successfully bridging the gap between online shopping and real-life results encourages customers to return for future purchases.  

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Our frame fit discovery products include: 

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