Accurate PD measurements boost online sales

90% of eCommerce shoppers don’t know their pupillary distance, creating massive friction to purchase glasses online.

Does your customer know their PD?

90% of eCommerce shoppers don’t know their pupillary distance, creating massive friction to purchase glasses online. A customer’s PD is the distance between the centers of the pupils of the eyes measured in millimeters and is used to determine where you look through the lenses of your glasses. Usually this number isn’t reported to customers during exams. However, once a person knows their PD — along with their prescription strength — they can buy glasses online without issues, knowing their lenses will align to their vision needs for a sharp focus.

While there are many online PD tools available, not all are created equal. Here’s what you need to know so that you can deliver glasses that fit right, right out of the box, to every customer.

Why does an accurate PD matter?

It’s not just that most customers don’t know their PD. Most don’t even know what PD is. Because this information is rarely provided by optometrists and optical shops, customers tend to go into the online buying experience looking to select glasses based only on their prescription strength and frame style preferences. In most cases, PD isn’t collected by online retailers until after checkout — meaning that retailers who don’t make it easy to get or add a PD to an order risk order cancellation.

But even when customers have a PD measurement, accuracy can be an issue. If that number isn’t right on, they’ll receive glasses that are out of focus, leading to returns, and even a loss in confidence when it comes to your brand’s promise to deliver high-quality glasses.

Accurate online PD tools empower customers.

The online vision experience empowers customers with the freedom to shop for any frame sold by your brand — but only if they know their prescription strength and their PD. By providing an online PD tool to your customers, you can help them move through the completion of their order details without a moment’s hesitation, leading to reduced cart abandonment and increased conversion.

When you guarantee accurate PD measurements to your customers, they get the glasses they want with prescription details that match their needs. They also start to trust your brand to provide lenses that are high-quality and in-focus — potentially leading to an increase in lifetime customer value.

How does an online PD reader work?

In the past, pupillary distance could only be measured with specialized optometry tools. But now, all customers need is a self-facing camera on their phone. For desktop computer users, a standard-sized plastic card, like a credit card, is also needed to scale measurements accurately.

Online PD tools calculate measurements with millimetric precision by scanning the customer’s face as they hold the credit card against their forehead. Because the tool knows the length of the card, and the distance from the camera to the customer’s face, it can calculate a PD measurement that is as accurate as the results from any optometrist’s autorefractor or pupilometer. In fact, by removing the bulky, physical tool used in most eye doctor’s offices and optical shops, online PD tools can give an even more accurate measurement than what a customer might get in person.

PD accuracy you can trust.

Online PD tools are not just convenient — they save customers time and money by providing accurate PD measurements without the hassle of making an appointment or calling their eye doctor for information. But some online tools fail to remove the hassle by making customers wait for results, either by phone or email. Others are difficult to load and use online.

By contrast, Luna’s myRx PD Reader is designed to streamline the whole process of attaining and applying PD measurements to online eyewear orders. Luna’s myRx PD Reader is designed to be the most simple, fast, and precise way to measure every customer’s PD.

Luna’s myRx PD Reader provides:

Outstanding accuracy

In an assessment of 100 unsupervised users, 84% of customers using the myRx PD Reader received a result within +/- 1mm, compared to their results from a popular manual pupilometer. 93% of users were within +/- 1.5mm. 95% of users were able to repeat their results within 1mm of the first result — a more stable and consistent result than traditional pupilometers.

Industry compliance

myRx PD Reader is CE-approved, so the results have the same medical validity as results from an optometrist or optical shop.

Real-time feedback

Luna provides real-time results, so customers know they’re interacting correctly with the tool. Our 5-second experience means they can immediately apply their PD to their order.

Mobile & desktop

Our patented myRx PD Reader works on mobile and desktop, with two distinct versions: web-based card-based approach and a native iOS TrueDepth cardless option. They are both fully automated without any manual input required from the user.

Drive convenience and confidence for every customer.

When you provide an accurate PD to your customer using a friendly and precise online PD measurement tool, your customers are more likely to keep the glasses they buy and come back to your business for future pairs. Luna’s myRx PD Reader will help you boost sales and reduce returns while building your customer base.

Want to try the myRx PD Reader tool for yourself? Demo it now.


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