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The Eyewear Retailer’s Essential eCommerce Toolkit

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The biggest hurdle for online retailers: Friction

To compete in today’s eyewear industry, an online retail experience that is seamless, personal, and satisfying to consumers is vital.

For online eyewear retailers to succeed, they must provide a user journey that is compelling and friction-free; a shopping experience that is confidence-building and personal.

Our latest guide, “The Eyewear Retailer’s Essential eCommerce Toolkit,” details the essential technology solutions you need to smooth the friction from every step of your shopping experience.

The online eyewear retailer’s challenge is not to try to translate an in-store shopping experience to the web, but to create an entirely new and better way for customers to buy glasses they love quickly and easily, with lenses that correct their vision

To do this, technology and tools that streamline the entire glasses process — from getting a prescription to buying frames that fit from the comfort of a customer’s home — are essential.

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