Fit Insights

Help customers find the right fit.

Personalized Results

Filter your product catalogue so customers can browse frames that fit them — shortening the time to purchase. 

Seamless Integration

Embed seamlessly into your existing site to allow customers to get instant sizing recommendations from mobile or web.

Reduce Returns

Help customers find frames that will fit them — and reduces the likelihood they’ll want to return the frames after purchase.

Our online fit tool seamlessly integrates on your site to provide users with an instant facial scan that results in customized sizing recommendations from your eyeglasses product catalogue.


Every scan takes just 10 seconds.

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Reduce order cancellations by 33%.

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Reduce time to purchase by 25%.

“Size is #1 concern for our customers, and Face Insights gives them the confidence they need. It increased our conversion rate and customer satisfaction.”

Brandon Adams

CTO at Liingo Eyewear

Personalized Shopping

Use your customers’ Face Insights results to filter your product catalogue so they can browse customized results that match their needs — and do so quickly.

Improve Conversion Rates

Give your customers the tools and confidence they need to order glasses online. And shorten time to purchase, as a result.

Reduce Product Returns

One of the most common reasons for product returns is fit. By helping your customers find the right frame size, you increase their satisfaction and decrease product returns.

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