Sunski Creates a Personalized Shopping Experience & Increases Conversion Rate by 2.3x


San Francisco, CA USA

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Virtual try-on

Why Luna?

Accurate fit, Quality Digital Frames, Increased Conversions

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eCommerce Brand

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8,200 users

Sunski — a sunglasses and lifestyle apparel brand founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California. The company launched on Kickstarter with the intent of creating an affordable line of polarized sunglasses.

Their Story

The big challenge for Sunski was Customer Experience

Sunski takes a lot of pride in their “seriously sustainable sunglasses” and believe that good design is good for the planet. They too take no shortcuts when it comes to their customer experience. It wasn’t good enough for them to simply showcase their collections through traditional photography. They wanted customers to experience the style and fit of their sunglasses for themselves.

Sunski did their research of several VTO offerings, and ultimately chose Luna because it offered:

  • A team of talented digital artists to design their high-quality 3D sunglasses replicated from their sunglass collection
  • Customer success manager to help guide them through implementation
  • Flexible integration into their existing Shopify eCommerce site
  • A competitive advantage and unique offering to help them stay ahead

Their Victory

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increase in conversion rate
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happy Luna users

Sunski has been able to increase their conversion rate

The way shades fit is just as important as how they look. With Luna, customers shopped more confidently knowing that the shades they were buying would fit properly and look the same when they arrived in the mail. With a personalized online experience and increased consumer confidence using virtual try-on on their Shopify site, Sunksi was able to increase their conversions by 2.3x as compared to non-Luna users.

Personalized their eyewear shopping experience

Sunski has utilized Luna’s technology to create an experience that felt more human and personalized. According to PwC, 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience — it is a baseline expectation. For Sunski, they delivered on that expectation of a great customer experience and are seeing those results pay off. 

Q&A with Micheal Charley, Co-Founder of Sunski

Why Luna?

We choose Luna because of the personal attention and on-going support the company gives to its clients. With other providers, it seemed like you would license the technology then get thrown to the wolves for integration. Additionally, Luna’s tight specialization on eyewear creates the most accurate renderings: as sunglasses designers, we know subtle tweaks to fit can make a huge difference, and so it has to fit and look right.

What trends are you seeing in the industry?

We believe there is an emerging consumer who is new to shopping for fashion online. They are no stranger to eCommerce, but covid retail closures have forced them to buy online what they would strongly prefer to try on in-store. The Luna Virtual Try-On gives them the confidence they need to make the purchase.

What was the integration process like?

Wrapping our arms around the early integration process was daunting at first, but we had a helpful and friendly partner there for us every step of the way. What was most refreshing is that Luna listened closely to our integration questions and streamlined the process as we went. This collaboration is what makes for such a strong partnership.

Did you have any doubts about Luna?

We actually did not have any doubts about Luna. We came to the decision with high expectations and they were met. We knew what to expect from the thoughtful sales process and frequent meetings with our integration team. 

What would you tell others who are considering Luna?

The writing is on the wall: customers are learning to expect rich try-on functionality from their online shopping experience. This trend is accelerating, and if you’re not offering it then you’re not going to be relevant in the new eCommerce ecosystem. We’d tell our friends “get it, now”. To our competitors? “Maybe give it a pass, your site is just fine…”

Forward-looking eyewear retailers choose Luna.