Bonlook Case Study

Digital Eyewear Realism In Online Store Increases Consumer Purchase
  • Provide online customers a way to try on eyewear before they purchase
  • Represent high-fashion eyewear in realistic detail and is true-to-size
  • Match what customers see online with what they expect eyewear to look like in person
Why Luna?
  • Patented methods to render digital eyewear assets
  • True-scale feature provided in virtual try-on technology
  • Virtual Try-On
  • Digital Assets
  • Incremental profit from virtual try-on enabled purchases
  • Increased customer confidence in purchases

Solving for Frames On Face with Luna's Virtual Try-On

BonLook is a fashion-forward vertically integrated eyewear and sunglasses company. Founded in Montreal in 2011, BonLook has a strong e-commerce website and 25 brick-and-mortar locations in 2018 with plans to expand to 50 locations by 2020. BonLook is always on the lookout for new opportunities to bring beautifully handcrafted eyewear to their customer base.

CEO Sophie Boulanger stated that “[by] 2015, we knew people were asking to try on the frames. It was really a friction point.” As a result, they expanded to 25 brick-and-mortar locations and added Luna’s Virtual Try-On to their website.

BonLook recognized early on in their business that providing customers the opportunity to try frames-on-face in an online setting could help the customer journey to purchase. They engaged a virtual try-on partner to provide this experience on their website. After years of an unsatisfactory purchase rate with eyewear assets that looked closer to stickers rather than realistic renditions of how users would look in their eyewear, BonLook sought another solution. Among their top considerations for evaluating a new partner was whether the digital eyewear assets could realistically render their high fashion frame collections in sharp detail, as well as accurately represent the true size of a frame relative to a customer’s face.

Realistic Digital Assets Rendered Beautifully from All Angles

BonLook leveraged Luna’s in-house team of digital render artists (many of whom were former 3D rendering artists in Hollywood) to produce state-of-the-art digital assets for their optical glasses and sunglasses. Minute details added to each eyewear piece, such as dynamic shadows and reflections that moved with a customer’s 180° view of their face, yielded a major visual impact that accurately represented the realism of a frame on a face. With these patented methods that Luna owns, BonLook was confident in the implementation of the new virtual try-on technology on their website.

A New Era

With an outsize goal to open 50 retail locations by 2020, BonLook was looking to match their online ambitions to their retail ambitions. Utilizing Luna’s premier digital asset creation and rendering technology, coupled with the capture and render of a customer’s face in 180° degrees, BonLook was able to increase customer confidence in purchases.