How Virtual Try-On can Help Eyewear Brands Thrive During the Pandemic

If you sell your eyewear brand in brick and mortar stores, you’ve likely experienced the strain of Covid-19 on your business. Here are a few tips to help you ride the wave and thrive during the pandemic.

If you sell your eyewear brand in brick and mortar stores, you’ve likely experienced the strain of Covid-19 on your business. So it probably crossed your mind to optimize or build an eCommerce site to address this drop in sales.

But eyewear is a very particular purchase. In fact, eyewear consumers will only buy a new pair of glasses every 1-2 years. And despite the rise of direct to consumer brands, only 9% of eyewear is purchased online.

However, consumer trends have rapidly shifted during the pandemic. Shoppers aged 18-34 in particular are the least likely to return to an optical retailer during the next year. They will be shopping online instead.

So how can your eyewear brand ride the online wave and improve sales during the pandemic?

Give your consumers options – If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that consumers want more options. At home try-on or brick and mortar shopping are still popular, but today’s consumer is looking for more options.

The pandemic makes shopping in a physical location less comfortable. Consumers may avoid brick and mortar or limit their time spent in the store. Virtual Try-On technology such as Ditto’s is a solution for customers to see how their glasses will fit them from the safety of their home.

At home try-on is also a great way to sell to customers who don’t want to go into a store. But this is costly to you, and many consumers are impatient and don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping the glasses they don’t want back. Virtual try-on can replace at-home try-on with similar conversion rates. Or, you can add virtual try-on to make at home try-on more personalized. Shoppers who use Ditto make better decisions before ordering their at-home try-on for a better selection of glasses – this has even resulted in buying multiple pairs that work instead of just one!

There are still many consumers who want to try on physical frames. Drive customers to your stores by allowing them to virtually try on frames before their visit. Virtual Try-On lets customers know exactly which pair/pairs to ask for so they spend less time browsing for a safer and more comfortable in-store experience. .

For brand loyalists, offering Virtual Try-On means a better customer experience tailored to their current needs. And for those checking out your brand for the first time, it’s a reason to not shop anywhere else.

Make it personal – Today’s shoppers expect a personalized experience. Ditto offers Face Insights and Frame Recommendations which create a unique-to-consumer Virtual Try-On experience. Show your customers the frames that look good on their face shape, or sort the category page by recommended frames to make finding their Perfect Pair fast and enjoyable.

Engage your customers in powerful ways – Ditto’s Marketing API places your customers at the center of your marketing campaigns. When you show any style on a customer’s pre-recorded try-on, you’ll see engagement and click-through rates that perform 10x better than traditional email marketing efforts.

Sharing is caring – Your customers love your brand, why not reward them for spreading the word? Start social media campaigns that offer discounts to customers who share pictures of themselves in their favorite pair of your glasses.

With Ditto’s Virtual Try-On you can also encourage your customers to share their try-on through social or email to get friends and family’s opinions while they shop. And when prompted to share their try-on, customers are more likely to provide their email address — so you have someone to send those super personalized marketing campaigns to.


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