Ditto, 6over6, Premium Vision and ExpressExam have joined forces and are now Luna.

Enhance your customer experience online with Model Try-Ons

Model Virtual Try-On is a fun and interactive way for the eyewear shopper to quickly and effortlessly experience different frames.

Gen Z is the “digital native” generation. They’re the first generation who have never known a world without the internet and who’ve likely grown up with smart devices all around them. So it’s really no wonder that they are taking up augmented reality (AR) as part of their preferred online shopping experiences. Read on to learn how Luna’s Model Try-On can help you create an experience that resonates with digitally-savvy consumers. 

In recent years, over 20% of Gen Z and even Millennial consumers have tried or are eager to try AR technologies related to “assisted shopping” and that number will only continue to grow. As a result, retailers are exploring ways to bring AR into their experiences. IKEA, Nike, and Sephora have long provided customers with features that allow customers to try products virtually. According to a CBInsights report, interest in virtual fitting room/try-ons is also spiking among executives and investors

In addition to virtual try-on experiences, there’s a new player in town that’s generating buzz, particularly in the retail eyewear industry. It’s called “Model Try-On.” 

What is Model Try-On?   

Virtual try-on experiences typically start with a shopper scanning their face or body with a smartphone app or webcam software and then getting immediate image-based results that virtually preview how the garment or eyeglasses they’re looking at would look on them. 

Virtual try-on with models (VTOM) uses the same basic concept, but it places product imagery on pre-existing images of models, rather than on the individual shopper. In eyewear retail, model try-on experiences share high-definition renderings of different frames for prescription glasses or sunglasses. Ideally, brands make a diverse range of images available, so that users can get a sense of how the style appears on different genders, skin tones, and face shapes. 

The Luna Model Try-On can display still images of models or interactive moving images, depending on your brand’s preference. Retailers can incorporate our solution within our existing Virtual Try-On feature, allowing customers to view any frame on themselves or on models, enhancing the shopping experience. 

Check out our Model Try-On eyewear software in-action at Zenni Optical. Click the Try-On button to explore. 

With Luna’s Model Try-On, retailers can significantly scale their website content, offering a huge variety of images for each product without needing to plan expensive photoshoots with live models. It enhances and expands your customer experience with a dynamic, interactive, and playful experience for customers. 

Model Try-On enhances online and in-store shopping 

Virtual try-on creates an interactive experience for any shopper to explore different frames and styles, but sometimes they simply don’t like seeing themselves on camera or have device limitations that can inhibit their shopping. With Model Try-On, they can explore realistic images on real people, without limitations.  

 Already using Virtual Try-On? Think of Model Try-On as an enhancement that opens up more options to your customers and gives them even more ways to get to know your products. We think of it as a win-win-win.  

Model Try-On also works great in-store, as a convenient first step in the shopping process. It allows customers to see how styles look on others as well as on themselves, so when they fall in love with a style, they fall hard.  

Create mixed-reality shopping experiences 

Particularly for Gen Z, who are approaching early middle age, digital tools like Model Try-On are not just nice-to-have, but a must-have if you want to capture consumer attention and create the mixed-reality experience these shoppers crave. Recent research demonstrates just how much growth is expected in AR in the retail industry in the next few years. With the eyewear software to support it, there’s no reason for glasses retailers not to take the leap. 

The key to retail success is to deliver a confident purchase experience that empowers consumers to engage with your products, enjoy the browsing and try-on phase, and make satisfying, well-supported buying decisions. A forward-thinking mindset that supports new consumer experiences, like Model Try-On, will help you stand out in the industry. 

Have questions? Want to see a demo? Schedule a call with our team to see how Model Try-On can make a difference for your business. 


Forward-looking eyewear retailers choose Luna

Ditto is now Luna.

Ditto along with 6over6, Premium Vision, and ExpressExam have joined forces to bring an integrated offering to the vision industry — rebranding as Luna. 

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