Ace & Tate Case Study

Increasing Online Purchase Conversion with Luna Virtual Try-On
  • Increase the number of eyewear sales through the Ace & Tate website
  • Simplify the online glasses shopping experience
Why Luna?
  • Renders glasses in real-life scale on users’ faces
  • Seamless integration into website
  • Virtual Try-On
  • 2-5x increase in purchase conversion rates
  • Access to users who traditionally only shop in brick-and-mortar stores

Using Luna Virtual Try-On for Online Growth

Ace & Tate, based in Amsterdam, is an eyewear retailer with an online-first focus. Founder Mark de Lange says “the average age of our consumer online is under 30 years of age — younger than those in-store.” In the past ten years, industry online eyewear sales have doubled, and Ace & Tate is keen to take advantage of the growing digital market through using innovative methods to simplify the online shopping experience. When Carl Brenninkmeijer was tapped to be the new Head of Growth at Ace & Tate, he saw an opportunity to acquire new online customers and increase purchase conversion through Luna.

Reaching Previously Inaccessible Customers

41 percent of customers refuse to shop for eyewear online citing the challenge that they need to know if it fits their face. Using Luna’s Virtual Try-On, Ace & Tate was able to provide its more online-shy shoppers the comfort of seeing glasses on their faces first and increasing confidence to hit ‘Buy.’ “In our markets with no stores such as Portugal, we saw the numbers of Luna videos made were very high. Before Luna, people had no option to see how the frames looked unless they used Home Try-On. Now that we’ve seen the numbers, we want to add a button for ‘Virtual Try-On’ to replace what would normally say ‘Home Try-On’ for those markets. We see that the conversion rate is higher than what we have for our previous numbers without Luna, so we want to get Luna usage higher and higher,” says Brenninkmeijer.

A Worthy Investment

Ace & Tate and other brands that have turned to Luna have experienced an increase in the conversion rate of at least 2x and for some, as high as 5x, translating to incremental revenue and profit that pays for the investment many times over.