How Frame Manufacturers Can Use Ditto’s Virtual Try-On

With major trade shows postponed or canceled and companies rethinking essential travel, manufacturers must find novel ways to launch new products and collections. Our advice? Do it virtually.

Frame manufacturers are adapting their sales techniques under the new normal of social distancing and added safety restrictions.

Without the opportunity for buyers to view and purchase new collections in person, manufacturers must rethink their sales strategy to be successful.

Thanks to innovative new solutions like Ditto’s virtual try-on and frame recommendations, frame manufacturers can create a low to no-contact try-on and frame discovery experience for their buyers.

Before we dive into Ditto’s specific solutions for frame manufacturers, let’s see a breakdown of what Ditto is.

How Ditto Works

Ditto provides a personalized, virtual eyewear shopping experience in four ways:

  1. Virtual Try-On. See how glasses look and fit on you with stunning realism by trying them on virtually.
  2. Model Try-On. Use virtual try-on with pre-loaded models to see how frames look on different people with diverse face shapes and features.
  3. Rendered Product Imagery. High-definition product imagery rendered from our virtual glasses to replace traditional product photography. Products can be seen in 360-degrees and rendered imagery provides more flexibility and options than photos.
  4. Frame Data. Ditto can provide accurate, robust frame data which can be used as the system of record for your business. This data is extracted using a proprietary process during the digital glasses creation process.

So, how can frame manufacturers use Ditto’s technology to sell more glasses? Let’s take a look.

Use Ditto to Launch Your Collections Virtually

With major trade shows postponed or canceled and companies rethinking essential travel, manufacturers must find novel ways to launch new products and collections. 

Our advice? Do it virtually.

As a virtual try-on provider and frame recommendation engine, Ditto is helping frame manufacturers all over the world to launch their collections virtually. Frame manufacturers are integrating Ditto’s technology onto their B2B portals, catalogs and apps exclusively for buyers.

Reps are using our virtual try-on technology as a no-contact solution to show frames and stay connected with key accounts while working from home. 

Buyers can try your frames on virtually or view them on models through a virtual try-on experience that is fully integrated on your B2B site. This gives you an edge over the competition who may not have adapted to socially distanced B2B sales.  And your customers feel supported and confident in purchasing your latest releases. 

How Frame Manufacturers Launch Virtually

Ditto’s existing relationships with major frame manufacturers and brands give us valuable insight into their unique needs. In fact, we are already helping many frame manufacturers launch their new collections virtually using our technology. 

For new collections not already in our Digital Eyewear Library, the process of creating digital frames is simple and convenient. We only require existing imagery and a single measurement to make your collection virtual. You do not need to send us physical samples. Our unique process creates digital replicas of your products with millimetric precision from only the images and one measurement.

We don’t require production quality images for this process.  If you don’t have existing imagery, it can be done fairly easily by your internal team. 

There’s no reason to lose momentum due to COVID-19.  We can get your collection online quickly through our proprietary process. 

In Addition to Boosting Your B2B Business, Consider a B2C Offering 

With COVID-19 severely limiting in-person shopping, online traffic has increased across the board. Our eCommerce clients are seeing 30-40% traffic increases since the pandemic. 

This has accelerated the importance of having a strong eCommerce site and/or consumer-facing catalogs. Many brands are launching or improving their own direct to consumer sites to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

With Ditto added to your eCommerce site, you can turn increased traffic into meaningful growth with higher conversions and lower returns. For non-eCommerce sites, you can give consumers the ability to engage with your products and drive them back into your key accounts.

On top of that, Ditto is now offering a frame recommendation engine that makes the frame discovery process faster and easier for customers. Our proprietary frame recommendation engine matches customers with frames that fit, work for their prescription and reflect their personal style preferences so they can easily discover their perfect pair, all from the safety of their home.

Use Ditto to Help Your Key Accounts Reopen 

If you want to help your key accounts reopen and move your product, consider recommending Ditto to them. 

Ditto can be used by eyewear retailers as a low to no-contact solution for frame discovery. Through an in-store iPad app, retailers can do frame discovery digitally and reduce the need for their customers to touch glasses on the frame board. This digital experience gets customers comfortable coming back into the store since they know it will be quick and they don’t have to touch a lot of frames on the board.

This process drastically speeds up the time to purchase and reduces the number of frames the associate needs to sanitize. Getting customers in and out the door quickly is key to safe social distancing while seeing enough customers to remain profitable. We have solutions for everyone ranging from large eyewear retail chains to ECPs. 

Ready to get started? You can see Ditto in action right now, here.

Contact us today to set up a time to chat more about our process and features.  


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